What to Expect

On your first appointment (45-60 minutes) you will have a detailed case history, examination, manual treatment and advice.

Detailed case history:

The case history will include asking about your presenting problem, together with a full medical history. These questions are an important part of the diagnosis process and will guide which examinations will be performed, together with screening for any potential medical issues.

Physical Examination:

For this part you may be asked to undress to your underwear, so please wear modest underwear in which you are comfortable. This allows observation of your posture, and manual assessment with the osteopath's hands applied to the patient's body.

A biomechanical assessment is carried out, and you will be asked to perform some simple movements to assess the mobility of your body. If necessary, neurological, orthopedic and other medical tests will be performed.

The osteopath will use manual examination using a highly developed sense of touch, to assess if there is strain, inflammation or restriction present. Once your problem has been diagnosed, it will be explained to you, together with your prognosis, and discussion of options for treatment.


Osteopathic treatment can use a wide variety of techniques, which may include working on muscles, ligaments and joints to help improve your function and decrease your pain.

You will receive treatment that is appropriate for you as an individual and will help you improve as quickly as possible.

We understand that some people may be nervous about treatment, and the osteopaths ensure a relaxed and supportive environment so that patients can voice any concerns they may have.


At the end of your treatment you will be offered advice on how to care for your immediate problem at home. As you improve you will be given advice to reduce the likelihood of the problem recurring e.g. back care exercises.

Follow up treatments (half an hour)/Number of treatments:

Follow up appointments are half an hour, and will involve a brief discussion on how your problem has progressed, followed by physical examination and treatment (again you may be asked to undress to your underwear).

It is difficult to say how many treatments a patient is likely to need without a detailed case history and examination, however most acute problems require 2-4 treatments. Some chronic problems will require longer to improve, as they have existed for longer. Our osteopaths ensure that you do not have any more treatments than necessary, and work to improve your problem in the quickest time possible.

In some cases maintenance treatments may be appropriate to help reduce pain build up and maintain mobility, with treatments 4-6 weeks apart e.g. with arthritic pain.


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